DABOR core team

Alex Dowdalls (Voorzitter)
HansEric Parée (Secretaris)
Marielle Versteegen (Penningmeester) 
ING Bank 
Martine Zwiers
ABN Amro
Dennis Samardzic Rabobank
Roger Meijer Independent
Theo Engelsma
Justyna van Barneveld

Anti-trust statement

Meetings between representatives of competitors can have legitimate objectives and result in pro-competitive effects. However, gatherings including employees of competing companies may result in the exchange of commercially sensitive information between these companies. The exchange of commercially sensitive information between competitors is generally prohibited by competition law. It is the obligation of all participants of DABOR activities to be aware of the restrictions imposed by competition law and to seek appropriate counsel from the legal or compliance departments of their employer in advance of participation of activities of DABOR.


Participants to DABOR meetings commit to abide by all relevant legislation including the competition law, and only to discuss matters regarding industry sound practice. In particular, the following information in relation to companies shall not be discussed or exchanged at any DABOR meeting:

I. pricing and any other commercial conditions;

II. strategies and policies affecting relative costs and/or pricing; or

III. any other commercially sensitive information.


Reglement DABOR